ST Engineering Aerospace Adopts Exoskeletons for Airplane Maintenance Work
2020-03-31 10:11:02
ST Engineering Aerospace's has recently started using SuitX Shoulder and Back components, to support their workers' daily aircraft maintenance work.

ST Engineering Aerospace offers solutions in both original equipment (OE) manufacturing and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), allowing customers to enjoy a wide range of aviation services in practically every stage of an aircraft life cycle.

The highly skilled workers, having spent quite a number of years on the compound, reported that injuries like back pains is a serious problem experienced by many.

With concerns of workers' workplace safety and general well-being, ST Engineering has chosen SuitX exoskeletons for three reasons:

1. It's purely mechanical without power, hence suitable for use in all kinds of environment without restrictions.

2. It's designed for all-day wear, allowing the wearers to perform normal activities like climbing and driving unhindered. 

3. It's one-size-fits-all designed for all body shapes and heights, with instantly adjustable support levels for all types of manual work. 

exoskeletons for airplane repaire shoulder exoskeleton for aircraft maintenance ST Engineering shoulder exoskeleton for aircraft maintenance weston robot

The shoulder protection exoskeleton (shoulderX) was used to support the workers' overhead work in aircraft maintenance in February, 2020. With ShoulderX, the wearers could now keep their arms in the air for a longer period of time with less muscle pain. 

Back protection exoskeleton (backX) was engaged when performing pipe carrying tasks in February, 2020.  The pipe typically weighs 9kg when filled and the workers need to carry the pipe while running towards the aircrafts for oil pumping. Most already suffer from continual back pain from aging and also the task itself. With the help of backX the chance of lower back injury is significantly reduced, while the wearers' other necessary activities like climbing and driving are not hindered. 

We look forward to help more companies with workplace safety improvement and productivity increase!