To Squat Repeatedly or for Prolonged Periods of Time


Workers in jobs with a high risk of knee injury share common experiences:

they all perform repetitive squatting or endure prolonged periods of time in a squatting posture.


leg support
  • Reduces Knee Fatigue and Forces

    Substantially reduces effort of the knee muscles, thus reducing knee joint force.

    Can be used like a chair.

  • One-Size-Fits-All

    For height from 159-192cm

    Instantly adjustable support forces and angles to suit needs and height of the user.

  • Intelligent and Zero Impedance

    Can distinguish between walking, ascending/descending stairs and squatting to allow unimpeded locomotion and only provides support when support is needed.

    Does not impede common day-to-day activities such as ascending and descending stairs, and even driving or biking. 

  • Designed for All Day Wear

    Follows user's body to fit in tight spaces and changing environments.

    Can be used with tool belts and safety harnesses allowing standard worker equipment to retain its existing functionality.


  • Long Use Life

    1 million times of bending movement supported, equivalant to 3 years of routine work life.

  • Lightweight & Comfortable

    6.2kg self-weight transferred to the ground.

    An anthropomorphic profile and adjustable sizing allows for natural movement and intuitive awareness of one’s position within tight spaces.


  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for examining

    Pipe Carrying

  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for automotive


  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for Drilling



  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for airport bagging handling

    Baggage Handling


Construction Pain Bucket Handling
Automotive Manufacturing