60% Reduction on Lower Back Strain From Repetitive Forward Bending

for Higher Productivity


Workers in jobs with a high risk of back injury share common experiences:

they all perform repetitive movements and endure prolonged periods of time in a bent posture.

Statistics show that in the majority of back injury cases, workers were not lifting loads when injured,

but when workers were bending down or reaching, causing the weight of their upper body to create large torques in the lower back region.

BackX augments the wearer by reducing the forces and torques on the wearer’s lower back 

while he/she is stooping, bending and/or reaching. 


back protection exoskeleton from suitx
  • More Protection & Productivity

    Average lower back muscle activites are reduced by 60% after clinical studies.

    The time the wearer could hold a back-straining posture after a repetitive lifting session increases by 52% with BackX

  • One-Size-Fits-All

    For height from 159-192cm

    Instantly adjustable support forces and angles


  • Mechanical With No Batteries

    Waterproof & dustproof

    No need to recharge

    Rugged & Easy to maintain

    Machine washable belts

  • Designed for All Day Wear

    Minimal inhibition of arm, leg, and torso range of motion

    Less than 40s to put on & take off

    Follows user's body to fit in tight spaces and changing environments 

  • Long Use Life

    1 million times of bending movement supported, equivalant to 3 years of routine work life.

  • Compatible with Safety Vests

    Model S (3.3kg) compatible with standard safety vests

    Model AC (5kg) compatible with LegX


  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for Airport Baggage Handling

    Airport Baggage Handling

  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for loading


  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for Welding


  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for Construction


  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for truck driving

    Truck Driving

  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for cable pulling

    Cable Pulling

  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for pick and place

    Pick and Place

  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for Palletising



Vesuvius Packing & Moving
DHL Palletizing
Logistics Pick & Place
Construction Cement Carrying