For Automotive, Construction and Shipbuilding Workers to Reduce Shoulder Injuries


ShoulderX introduces a novel human interface technology that

automatically conforms to each user's unique body shape to achieve an impeccable fit and unparalleled comfort.


shoulder protection exoskeleton
  • More Protection & Productivity

    For sustained work at chest to ceiling level with light to moderate weight tools.

    Examples include overhead assembly, paneling, electrical work, welding, grinding, picking, pruning, painting, inspection, and drilling.

  • One-Size-Fits-All

    For height from 159-192cm

    Instantly adjustable support forces and angles


  • No Batteries

    Waterproof & dustproof

    No need to recharge

    Rugged & Easy to maintain

    Machine washable belts

  • Designed for All Day Wear

    Minimal inhibition of arm, leg, and torso range of motion

    Less than 40s to put on & take off

    Follows user's body to fit in tight spaces and changing environments 

  • Long Use Life

    1 million times of bending movement supported, equivalant to 3 years of routine work life.

  • Lightweight & Slim


    Can be used in confined spaces and reduce the risk of bumping into surrounding objects or personnel


  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for Pipe Carrying

    Pipe Carrying

  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for automotive

    Automobile Bottom Fixing

  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for Drilling



  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for welding


  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for ceiling work

    Truck Driving

  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for paneling operations

    Paneling Operations

  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for carrying weights overhead

    Carrying Weight Overhead

  • SuitX BackX Exoskeleton for Automobile Repair

    Automobile Repair


Fiat Chrysler
Construction Scaffolding Work
Overhead Work
Car Assembly