Volvo China Adopts SuitX Exoskeletons for Workers' Added Safety
2020-03-25 20:03:16
Volvo's safety technology is world-famous, and SuitX, as an innovative technology company, is committed to the protection of workers be it in the industrial or medical field. This coincides with Volvo's philosophy.

The human spirit of the 1960s longed for space exploration beyond the earth, which is not difficult to see from the rocket-like car design at the time. Nowadays, Hollywood superheroes seem to be people's "sci-fi big IP" after meals. They can turn their eyes from the universe to human beings. You can understand that this is the human desire for unlimited self-expansion. The real breakthrough of human desire is SuitX Company from the United States, which is committed to the development of mechanical exoskeleton technology. Although it can not meet the fantasy of science fiction enthusiasts about machinery, it is enough to help people work on the production line for a few hours and still maintain vitality.

Modular exoskeletons for shoulder, back and leg protection respectively

What is Industrial Exoskeleton? 

When it comes to exoskeleton, we usually think of it to help people with disabilities regain their mobility, but in fact, exoskeleton is very versatile. Take the automobile production line as an example. The whole vehicle manufacturing is a very complicated process. Robots can only replace some highly repetitive and physically demanding jobs. In addition, it still requires a lot of human labor.

For workers on the automobile assembly line or other heavy-duty jobs, overwork can seriously damage the body, and the exoskeleton developed by SuitX can help workers greatly reduce the workload.

SuitX's industrial exoskeleton is divided into a variety of modules, which can be selected and used together. The leg support module can reduce the body's weight by 30-50% than before. Back support can reduce muscle movement by about 60%, and shoulder support can reduce energy consumption by 80%. It is enough to help workers stay active after working for several hours on the production line, and it also significantly reduces the possibility of injury.

How does SuitX Industrial Exoskeleton affect Manufacturing Companies?

Because of this, the SuitX mechanical exoskeleton is favored by the well-known commercial vehicle manufacturer Volvo. As we all know, Volvo's safety technology is world-famous, and SuitX, as an innovative technology company, is also committed to safety research and development (health and safety). Whether in the medical field or the industrial field, the protection of workers is the core value of SuitX. This coincides with Volvo's philosophy.

Cai Weili, an executive at Volvo's warehousing department, said: "Many parts of the vehicle assembly line require employees to keep repeating manual labor, which will cause many adverse factors to the body. As a large multinational company, Volvo is a company that respects the health of employees. This is why we have equipped the assembly line with the SuitX mechanical exoskeleton, which has a positive effect on labor protection. After all, employees are the company's most valuable asset. "

"No company in the world can do without human labor. Even in the era of Industry 4.0, human labor is still an indispensable part. SuitX's products can not only reduce employee fatigue, improve production efficiency, but also avoid medical compensation. To optimize the operational benefits, and virtually reduce labor costs. "Cai Weili said.


Volvo workers working in factory wearing back X

"Black technology now lives up to expectations. It has become a friend in my work."

Although the current development of industrial automation is extremely rapid, this does not mean that industrial production has been completely unmanned. Volvo employees in the warehouse department need to sort many automotive parts every day. In the long run, this is a great deal of human function. Challenge.

"Every day I unpack and sort. The amount of movement in the waist is very large. After equipped with the SuitX mechanical exoskeleton, I feel that the work intensity has been reduced a lot and it is easier to carry heavy loads. "Said an employee of the warehousing department.

The birth of SuitX's mechanical skeleton is based on a deep insight into the pain points of the industry. This is why this lightweight app has become popular as soon as it appears. It can meet multiple complex application scenarios, which can solve the problem of overworked workers, help workers strengthen their physical fitness, and reduce costs and improve efficiency in multiple dimensions.

Undoubtedly, SuitX has contributed a large number of breakthrough solutions to the field of work efficiency and labor safety, and has brought various disruptions to the automotive industry. As the so-called technology is the first productivity, SuitX interprets this idea in the most perfect way-Pioneer of mechanical bones, leading technology at your fingertips.

Advanced scientific research capability support is the reason why SuitX quickly stands out. Its leader, Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni, is a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and director of the Robotics and Ergonomics Laboratory at the University of Berkeley. He has held various leadership positions in mechanical engineering, is the editor of ASME Journal of Dynamics and Control, and the IEEE Journal of Mechatronics, and is a recognized expert in robotics technology.

Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni is known as the "father of exoskeleton robots". From 2000, he led the development of the first generation of exoskeleton, and participated in the establishment of Ekso Bionics (listed on the NASDAQ) in 2005. The field of skeletal robots has accumulated 20 years of experience and 66 international patents and more than 200 papers.

At present, SuitX's series of products have comprehensively covered many sub-sectors, including medical, construction sites, storage, automobile manufacturing, airports, terminals, fire protection and other high-intensity labor industries. The characteristics make SuitX establish an unbreakable leadership position.

SuitX's one-size-fits-all design

It is worth mentioning that SuitX's products have been sold in 25 countries and regions around the world and have been recognized by customers.

Focusing on global development trends, linkage core technologies continue to open up territory.

In 2019, SuitX has officially entered the Chinese market.

According to reports, China, as the world ’s largest exporter of labor, has great demand for mechanical exoskeleton. SuitX will establish an assembly center in China, effectively reduce costs, improve cost-effectiveness, and further reduce the distance between advanced technology and the general public. In the next two years, it will fully cover more than half of the multi-dimensional fields. SuitX will take modern industry to a new level on the basis of Industry 4.0, which will help "Made in China" achieve a breakthrough in global competitiveness.

In Dr. Yanliang Zhang's opinion, SuitX Industrial Exoskeleton is committed to empowering workers, promoting quality change, efficiency change, and power change in the development of manufacturing, realizing high-quality development, and helping the industry speed up and increase efficiency. SuitX will continue to explore more possibilities To provide new momentum for the sustainable development of more companies.